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How to Build a Paid Classified Ads Site using Drupal


In this tutorial, I am going to show you step by step how to set up a Paid Classified Ads system using Drupal. Up until now, this has been quite a difficult thing to do, but since the release of my new module Paypal Nodes, it is very straightforward and easy. Using a module like this, you can easily set up a site similar to Craigslist, or any other similar site, such as a Job Listing site, Help Wanted, etc. Here are some of the goals that we want from a Paid Classifieds Site:

Click2Sell Suite Drupal Module, for Paid Membership Websites and Selling Files

Another Update on some of my recent work. I have been working on a new Drupal Module, Click2Sell Suite! It is my first Official Drupal Module project, and I am really excited about it!

If you are interested in this module, go download it at the new official project page on drupal.org: http://drupal.org/project/click2sell


Integrating Drupal with PayPal for a Membership Subscription Site

I have set up many Drupal sites in my day, and one of the most common themes in all of these sites are the need for a paid membership system. Somehow, the users must pay before they can view certain content, or access certain parts of the web-site. Drupal is usually pretty good about having lots of good, quality free modules, but in the case of Paid Membership solutions, it is somewhat lacking.


FreshBooks is my #1 tool

I began Freelancing almost 1 year ago now, and have come a long way since then. Back then I would keep track of my clients through my email inbox, use notepad for todo lists and google docs to keep track of hours worked.Read More >>

Ubercart Marketplace + File Downloads for Drupal 6

One of my clients recently requested the ability for his Users with a certain role to be able to sell files and get commission from their sales. The first thing that popped into my mind was Ubercart Marketplace (since we already were using Ubercart). Ubercart Marketplace is a wonderful module made by Turgrid, a very talented developer. Originally a Drupal 5.x module, he has now ported most of the functionality over to Drupal 6.x.Read More >>

Drupal - Including Browser-Specific CSS Dynamically

In my line of work, I usually deal with clients who want to have their sites display perfectly in every browser. Unfortunately for today's web designer, the browsers that are currently in use do not always agree on which is the correct way to render CSS. I'm not going to get into the 'Which Browser is Better' argument (even though it is Firefox 3), but I AM going to show you how to make your css woes go away with a nice little trick.

This is what I use on my drupal sites, but it can be used effectively on any php-based web cms or site.


Drupal: Embedding Nodes, Views and Blocks into .tpl files or nodes

This is the first official tutorial I am posting, and I am posting it mainly for myself, since I've had to look this up numerous times. When doing projects for my clients, I often times need to embed or insert the contents of a block or View into a .tpl file. This is actually pretty easy in Drupal 6. Here is what you do:


To embed a view, simply put this code:

print views_embed_view('View Name');


WildKatana Design has a Blog!

This is the beginning of the WildKatana Design Blog! I've been planning to start this for a couple weeks and only just now found the time. I have been using my personal blog to post things for WildKatana Design from time to time, but now the time has come for me to move that to my new site. So, here I plan to post Tutorials, Reviews, and other helpful posts with lessons I have learned and which hopefully can help those out there who are having the same problems I had.



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