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Integrating Drupal with PayPal for a Membership Subscription Site

I have set up many Drupal sites in my day, and one of the most common themes in all of these sites are the need for a paid membership system. Somehow, the users must pay before they can view certain content, or access certain parts of the web-site. Drupal is usually pretty good about having lots of good, quality free modules, but in the case of Paid Membership solutions, it is somewhat lacking. The most common thing that Drupal users end up doing is installing a complicated e-commerce type of module, and numerous side modules which it requires, then setting up tons of configurations and settings to get it to work, while making the users jump through many unnecessary hoops. Well, finally I had enough of it and I decided to make a decent membership module, and Membership Suite is what I came up with.

I have spent over 600 hours working on this project, and it has become a sort of hobby for me. In the end, I decided that I should sell this module to other users who may be trying to set up Paid Membership websites. Drupal is the best platform to use in my opinion, and Membership Suite fits perfectly right in with Drupal. Some of the features of this module include the ability to add and remove roles automatically when a subscription starts and ends, unlimited subscriptions can be made, with 2 trial periods each, and you can even customize the email messages which are sent when a subscription is added or cancelled. These are just a few of the many features which already exist, and I add more features all the time! If you have a feature idea, let me know, and I will get it added.

I also ended up making a website to showcase and sell my Drupal Modules, and I plan on adding many more quality modules in the future. Go check it out below:



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